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About MangGon Studio

Miss Aphapitch
Miss Aphapitch Vonprasit.
Ramkhamhaeng University
Faculty of Education
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Mr.Supakorn Kamsrisuk.
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Faculty of Architecture fine Art
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MangGon in English that stand from Thai words is “มังกร” The product of MangGon is art that made from metal. But we represent the material by the story and the delicate that get the inspiration from nature. If it says “The natural refined on your gentle soul, MangGon’s art piece can be pleased your mind as well”. There is the best sentence that can explain about our work. 

Brand Origin


We start the business under MangGon Studio in 2005 by Miss Aphapitch Vongprasit. And.
Mr. Supakorn Kamsrisuk, he graduated from KMITL (King Mongkol Institute Ladkrabang) Major of Fine arts. He has skill in art and love to design and try to combine his skill for making something. The first line of product from MangGon Studio is furniture. That made from bamboo, teak and coconut shell. We focus on the material to present of that thing in different ways. That looks more art than to be of use things. We start to develop our product to art piece from that point. The concept of art piece that accessible to serve the need in quantitative unique and contemporary.  

  • In 2001 we started with wood furniture.
  • In 2003 we added furniture made from Bamboo.
  • In 2009 we started developing wall art and sculpture made from steel.

Over the year, we have continued to created handmade steel artwork that we are proud of.


Manggon Studio



We have a technique for forming by smashing and bending by the craftsmen to create volume and texture. That makes the flat metal sheet looks more unique and have the dimension. It also adds strength to the part of the art pieces are unique.

The last process for the art piece is color process. It’s the most important because that’s the point for propagate the perfection feeling. So this process has to manage by the expert technician that have experience and visual art. The first step in color process is preparing base color by powder coating. Which has the ability to adhere to metal and do not have water or thinner contain. Therefore, there is no danger from chemicals. After that we will use acrylic paint for additive colorful follow an imaginary as well as a painting by the artist.