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Icon Installation

The back of every piece has small metal arms which can be attached with screws to secure the artwork onto any wall or surface.




Icon Wear Gloves

You should to be wear gloves to prevent fingerprint on the artwork.

Icon Knife

Keep the sculpture away from start objects.

Icon Home

If the art work is made from iron. Please display the sculpture away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent rusting. If it is made from stainless steel, the art work can be display indoors or out doors.

Icon Care

Handle with care.



We recommend that our iron pieces be displayed wither indoor or in a covered balcony to avoid direct sunlight, rain, and rust.
If water does get on the artwork

NOTE: Stainless steel and brass pieces are able to withstand outdoor conditions, however the colours may vary slightly over time.

Icon Feather
1. Feather Duster

Remove the dust with a feather duster.

Icon Brush
2. Brush

A brush can be used on a regular basis to prevent dust build-up.


Icon Notusedry

Do not use dry cloths to wipe away moisture. Use dry cloth to absorb water .

Icon Knife

Keep sculpture away from sharp objects stay the art work dry by itself.

Packing (Local Packing)


Packing Details

Packing of the artwork is done by our company. It is only suitable for local or short distance shipments within Bangkok and surrounding provinces only. A separate shipping company is responsible for packing the artwork for overseas shipments.

Packing for Export (or long distance)



All shipments of our artwork is organised through a separate company. The prices are subjected to change depending on distance.


Please be advised that all shipment of our artwork is organized through a separate company, and that prices are subjected to change depending on

  • Size
  • Location
  • Type of carrier chosen according to the company. (Both/Air/Truck)

NOTE: We recommend our customers to consider insurance for the artwork during shipment, in case of any damage that may occur to the artwork during its travel. Our company does not take any responsibility for damaged artwork during overseas shipment.